Latest News 31st January 2019

Preparations for 27th Classic Show Underway

Whilst I sit writing this update, on a very cold January day, outside the roads are icy, freezing fog blankets the Fens and snow is falling in many areas of the country. Many of the cherished vehicles we see at our event in early September, are cosseted away in their garages away from the ravages of road salt and worst of the winter conditions. Some, more hardy souls, will however be taking every advantage of crisp and dry winter days to exercise their classics, good on them! Notwithstanding the weather, preparations for the 2019 show are well underway.

The 2018 show was a tremendous success, with wall to wall sunshine, showing off over 130 cars and motorcycles to their best advantage. The fantastic display by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Lancaster Bomber and live entertainment by local band Sticky Fingers, amongst others created a special, fun for all, feeling to the event.

Vehicle Entry Class Changes for the 2019 Show

As always, we seek the opinions of all who visit our show, entrants, sponsors and visitors alike, are encouraged to tell us what we do well and what we do not so well. This enables us to make informed changes in the organisation and presentation of the day.

Over a number of years our exiting entry classes have stood us in good stead. However, recently the range of vehicle entries has inevitably shifted toward the 1970’s onward. Consequently, the number of vehicles in classes for post 1973 has increased significantly.

Particular areas of concern were the way in which the entry classes are currently configured and the wide variation of numbers in entry classes. Whereby in some cases, just entering the show, gave the entrant a significant chance of picking up a class prize. Conversely, in other classes 25 or more vehicles competed for the public vote.

In addition to this, our existing policy has been to exclude the most recently manufactured vehicles from the “Best in Show Award”. As the classes have not changed for nigh on a decade this currently excludes vehicles registered from 1987 onwards, or to put it another way, now as much as 32 years old! The most generally accepted definition of a “Classic” is a vehicle aged 20 years or more and therefore we felt the time was right to review the entry classes.

In reviewing the classes, we have sought, as far as is possible, to make the distribution of entries in each class as even as possible. This gives entrants a more equitable chance of securing a class prize as voted for on the day. We also wanted to ensure that the class definitions should be easy for entrants and visitors to understand, making voting easier.

The revised entry classes are

Class A Pre – 1960 Cars Class G Pre – 1960 Motorcycles
Class B 1960’s Cars Class H 1960’s Motorcycles
Class C 1970’s Cars Class I 1970’s Motorcycles
Class D 1980’s Cars Class J 1980’s Motorcycles
Class E 1990’s Cars Class K 1990 onward Motorcycles##
Class F 2000 onward Cars#    
Commercial/Military Vehicles now included in general classes
# Not eligible for “best in show”           ## Post 2000 Motorcycles not eligible for “best in show”

It is with some regret that, due to the low number in class, we have decided to drop the separate class for Commercial/ Military vehicles. These have always been an integral part of our show and have proven a big hit with our visitors. We very much intend that these remarkable vehicles should remain a key attraction. However, for the reasons stated above, they will now be included within their respective age-related category.

I guess we are all looking forward to the, hopefully, better weather of the spring. For the less hardy of our fellow classic owners, getting back on the road with our pride and joy, be it of the two, three, or four wheeled variety. In the meantime, I am sure there is much “fettling” to be getting on with. There are only around 200 days left to get it all done for the 2019 Show!