Gilbern Owners – Club Stand Confirmed

We are delighted to announce that we have received entries for at least four Gilbern Cars for this year’s show.

With its factory in Llantwit Fardre, the Rhondda valley South Wales, Gilbern was a truly Welsh car company. Founded during the late 1950s by the unlikely combination a master butcher and a German engineer: GILes Smith and BERNard Friese.

The first Gilbern GT was started in 1959. During 1966 a new car the Genie was produced, the Invader Mk. I replaced the Genie in July 1969. For the 1970 Motor Show they announced a new Invader Mk. II and in December 1971 the design work for the Mk. III would begin.

In July of 1972 the Collings family decided to pull out of Gilbern, they sold the company to Michael Leather for £1, unfortunately Gilbern did not make an appearance at the 1973 Motor Show. Right up until 1979 there were plans by various other people to resume production at Gilbern, but sadly this did not happen.