Battle of Britain Spitfire Fly Past Confirmed

Many of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s aircraft are still grounded as a precaution after a defect was found in one of the aircrafts iconic Merlin engines. We understand that the fault has now been identified and the team at the BBMF are working hard to return the flight back to full strength as soon as possible. The team do however have a number of aircraft powered by other engines including the MK. XIX Spitfire which is fitted with the Griffon engine, a development of the Merlin unit.

Due to the significant rescheduling of the display programme caused by this setback, the flypast will now take place at 11:55, right in the middle of our show, and just before the first performance of our live band, Miller Magic. Which just proves the old adage, that every cloud has a silver lining, for our show at least.

We are very grateful to the team at the BBMF for their considerable efforts in providing us with this display, despite the difficulties in managing a significantly reduced display programme.

As another (recently departed) national treasure would have said “Didn’t they do well!”.